Kingdom Of Ambrof

Session IV - 6 April 2010

In Which a Wizard's Tower is Raided

Session begins in Davros

After unloading the haul of treasure which was found in the Kobold King’s Lair, The party was approaced by Tizzia.

She had discovered the location of Bramwiere Tower.
  • following directions her directions we find all that remains of the tower is the lower levels.
  • upon entering the dungeon, the ghost of Bramwiere approaches us
    • If we can pass his trials, then we may claim his greatest invention
    • Many have tried before and failed.
  • further rooms in the dungeon filled with clever traps, and monsters
  • final test summoned a Baby Behir, which the adventurers narrowly defeated
Bramwiere’s greates invention is Bramwiere’s Forge
  • party posesses 1 of 3 control rods
  • Forge allows for creation of magic items at 80% market value
  • Forge breaks down magic items at %24 value (instead of %20)
  • With one control rod, forge can only create up to lvl 10 Magic Items

Party decides to keep knowledge of discovery of the Forge a secret for now.

Upon returning to Davros, rumors have begun spreading that Hawkmoon has begun territorial expansion north. Vandorill introduces us to Lord Tillwin Dumbpar, who is having problems with orcs.
  • We investigate the keep which has been overrun with orcs
  • The orcs stand as no match for the might of the adventurers.
XP GP notes
+800 242.2 bramwiere tower
level up to 4
+563 134 Orc infested keep
Total to date
4318 Xp



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