Kingdom Of Ambrof

Session III - 30 March 1010

In Which We Save Loggers from the Kobold King

Session Begins in Davros

The party is relaxing over some ale and food at the Green Lady Inn, when another group of adventurers enters the tavern. The group consists of a female Minotaur, a male elf, a male dwarf, and a male halfling. Nyx approaches the other adventurers to learn what kind of assignments, other groups have been given.

The barmaid points us toward the local historian, Tizzia, who may be able to help us with information concerning the graveyard, and who may be buried in the crypt. Nissa also points out that Tizzia, enjoys mulled wine, and may be more inclined to help us if presented with a gift.

One of two merchants may have mulled wine
  • Brayden – specializes in farm equipment
  • Vallo – specializes in oddities, and magic items
Information Session with Tizzia
  • Shields skeletons wore bear insignia of old Nerath
    • dragon on shield faces the opposite direction of standard Nerathi insignia
  • Tomb may be that of Larrent Tehin
    • His house was one of those which used the modified heraldry
  • altar appears to have been dedicated to the Beautiful Prince
    • not much is known about this entity
    • only know picture is of a man with six-fingered hands, sitting on a throne, surrounded by humans enthralled in acts of lust.
    • by his side was a giant wavy sword.
Tizzia believes she may have found the location of the legendary wizard Bramwiere’s tower. She is going to do more research to check her sources.
  • Nyx believed the tower to be nothing more than local legend, and superstition
While walking about town, we stopped in the local shrine to Pelor, and met Zinnia and Vren
  • Vren seeks a life of adventure
  • with Zinnia’s blessing we agree to bring Vren along on our next assignment
The next day, Vandorill, sends a message requesting us in the keep. He has another assignment for us.
  • Commune of Dunnharrow is being attacked by kobolds from the forest
  • The kobolds appear to be serving someone/thing they call the “Kobold King”

On the road to Dunnharrow we meet up with a group of dwarven travelers from Thunderhold, led by Turgin Silveraxe. They have left the mountains seeking their fortunes, and after sharing several bottles of fine brandy, and dwarven stout ale, have agreed to offer their services to Lady Stillwrath.

When we reach Dunnharrow, Elders Timbro and Dornin greet us and show us where the kobolds have been emerging from the forest.
  • Kobolds only seem to be interested in trinkets and other small valuables
  • Have been deaths, but only when someone tried to stop the kobold from escaping with its loot
  • Goreban follows the kobold trail to the broken remains of an old keep.
    • all that remains are some broken freestanding walls and the basement.
    • after clearing the area of kobolds, it is discoverd that the so called “kobold king” was an ancient calcified skeleton (and not the animated kind), which sat on a throne in the storage room.

The entire party agrees that Kobolds are completely nuts.



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