Kingdom Of Ambrof

Session II - 23 March 2010

In Which a Graveyard is Cleansed

Session Begins in town of Pimrowe

While resting for the journey back to Ambrof Keep, the town is attacked by skeletons.
  • skeletons carry shields which bear the symbol of old Nerath
  • track the skeletons back to an ancient cemetery cemeteries are rare, locals burn the deceased
  • within the graveyard there are several piles of neatly stacked skulls, which when disturbed animate the corpses in the nearby graves to fight.
  • the main crypt is marked with the symbol of some cult
  • Inside the main entryway of the crypt is an altar, upon which is an icon of a beautiful human male face, surrounded by a wreath of hands. Each of the hands has six fingers.
  • When altar was disturbed, it summoned some fiend from the abyss.
  • Doors further into the crypt were sealed.
    • evidence shows someone attempted to open the door, but was unsuccessful
    • group decides to investigate who may be entombed within, before attempting to gain entry.


Vanri also tried to pry open the crypt by himself (unsuccessfully).

Session II - 23 March 2010

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