Kingdom Of Ambrof

Session I - 16 March 2010

In Which the Adventure Begins

Lady Stillwrath proprieter of Ambrof Keep in the Domar Lands, has summoned adventurers from near and far to assist her in making the nearby lands safer, and recruit followers under her banner.

Lady Stillwrath
  • former adventurer
  • rumored to have slain a dragon, along with her adventuring companions
  • has two assistants, both former adventuring companions

Large group of adventurers (~50) were gathered in the main hall of Ambrof Keep. Vandorill explains that Lady Stillwrath is interested in expanding her area of control, and making the surrounding lands safer for the commoner, and travelers. The Adventurers are to be divided into small teams according to individual talents, and given assignments. The adventurers are entitled to any spoils they may find on their assignments, but the Keep welcomes any donations to the cause.

The Protagonists meet each other
  • Nyx – Female Gnome Psion
  • Goreban – Male Minotaur Ranger
  • Vanri – Male Dragonborn Fighter|Barbarian
  • Vorn – Male Human Warden

Our group’s first assignment is to track down a dwarven prospector named, Kevlar Copperknight. Copperknight has found an old mine to the west, which he would like to reopen, and needs help clearing out any critters which may have taken residence within.

Before leaving on their assignments, each group of adventurers is given a Runestone of Location, which, when held, glows when the holder is facing Ambrof Keep.

On the way to meet Copperknight we come across the small sheep ranching community of Pimrowe. Inside the local watering hole, the Gnome strikes up a conversation with a strange character hidden in the corner. The locals seem to ignore her, and only refer to her as Mistress.

The party meets up with the dwarf and he leads us to the mine’s entrance.
  • mine inhabited by kobolds
  • led by white wyrmling
  • kobolds/dragon only in the upper complex, no critters in the lower mines
  • mine complex appears to have originally been of dwarven occupancy

After cleaning out the mine complex, we return to the Pimrowe tavern, where the Pale Lady has left a note for Nyx stating that she has returned to Hawkmoon.



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